Is there a variety of different bird control methods?

Bird trapping or bird control is gaining fame and number of methods has been introduced for bird control and few of them are listed below.


Connecting nylon or plastic netting to the base of rafters will shut off this territory to birds, who are pulled in to such territories for settling and perching.

Spikes or porcupine wire:

Setting spiky wires along regions in which the birds land and perch will keep these regions beyond reach. Be that as it may, some upkeep is required as aggregated twigs and grass will decrease or evacuate their viability.


Sticky, non-poisonous anti-agents can be put on territories, for example, edges to dishearten and diminish bird landing and perching. These items likewise require support, as they will gather tidy and soil and should be reapplied routinely.


Live traps, for example, channel traps, programmed or trigger initiated, settle boxes, baits and fogs, would all be able to be utilized to keep from jeopardizing non-target birds – which can be discharged without hurt. Pest birds got with these traps ought to be others consciously killed as opposed to discharged, as the birds can discover their way over from even 50 miles away or cause issues in different groups.